Daughter of supreme anger, captive to light and wind, her story walking the line between myth and reality, Santorini enchants the senses.

It is not only the seduction of the cliffs, the myth of the lost Atlantis, the contrast of the deep blue of the sea and the white of the pumice, with the intensity of the gray of the lava.

It’s also the enchanting sunset in Oia, the Caldera, the Volcano, the gourmet restaurants and nightlife in Fira, the peculiar beaches with black sand and the sculpted rocks, the traditional villages, the archaeological relics at Akrotiri and Ancient Thira, the cruises to the Volcano and the Hot Springs around the Caldera, the wine tasting from ancient vineyard….

the thousands of unforgettable memories, the colors of blue, white, red and gold flooding the sky, the liveliness, the energy, the eroticism…the magic!

This is Santorini!!! It’s always more, it’s always louder than you can imagine! Live her truth and then lock these images forever in the treasury of your memory!!! Because Santorini is not a destination… it’s an experience!!!!


…. and when you leave Santorini behind you and the black volcano floats in the blue waters of the Aegean, you will always remember that destruction and beauty coexist in Santorini!!!

Every alley you passed and that you met on the island, praised by Seferis and Elytis, will always remind you of this wandering, leaving a sweet memory of the impressive view of the volcano and all the architectural peculiarity.

The trip to Santorini of myth and magic, finally makes us redefine ourselves, indulge in the uniqueness and diversity of this place, and create new memories that we will carry within us for a lifetime …………